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1. Where are your products made?
All our products are made in our own California workshop in the USA.

2. What kind of leather do you use?
Our leather goods are made of cowhide, unless otherwise specified. Most of our leather comes from Sweden.

3. What kind of lining do you use?
We use a 200 denier coated nylon. This is lightweight and extremely durable. Our linings always include many pockets.

4. What are the buckles made of?
Our buckles, rings and zipper pulls are solid brass. The silver color hardware is solid brass with nickel plating.

5. How long does it take to ship an order?
For orders received before 2pm PST, if we have the bag in stock, we will ship it the same day. If the bag is not in stock, we will make it. This usually takes approx 2 days

6. What is your return policy?
We have an easy return policy. You are welcome to return any item within 30 days of purchase. Please be sure the bag is in absolutely new condition and enclose a copy of your receipt. Itís best to return the product in the original packing materials. We will credit your card for the amount of the bag. We do not credit shipping costs.

7. What is your exchange policy?
We have an easy exchange policy. You are welcome to exchange any item within 30 days of purchase. Please be sure the bag is in absolutely new condition. Enclose a copy of your receipt and indicate on it the item you would like to exchange for. If your new choice of bag costs less than the original purchase, we will credit your card for the difference. If your new choice costs more than your original purchase, we will contact you for your credit card info, as we do not keep any customer credit card info. We do not charge for shipping on exchanges.

8. You offer different colors for different bags. Can I get "this" bag in "that" color?
Yes. We can make pretty much any of our bags in pretty much any color leather that we have in stock. Email or call us for exact availability.

9. What is your guarantee?
We guarantee all our products completely for normal wear and tear for one year from date of purchase.

10. Can I get a longer (or shorter) strap?
Yes. The cost depends on the bag in question. A typical cost for a strap modification is $30, though there are some that might cost less and some that might cost more. Please email or telephone for details.

11. If my bag is past guarantee, will you still repair it?
Yes of course. Thatís a really good reason to buy directly from us. We can always repair anything weíve made. Please email or call with your questions, and we will be happy to discuss repairs with you.

12. Do you sell to any stores near me?
We are focused on providing our product directly to you with the best possible customer service we can provide. However it is possible to find our product in a few select stores. Please email us for information.

13. Is your website secure?
Yes, our website is completely secure. All credit card information goes directly from your computer to the card processor, encrypted. We are happy to say that when you order online, we do not ever see or retain your credit card information.

14. Do you sell, lend, share or otherwise make available customer email or other personal information to other people or companies?
Definitely not. We never make any customer information available to anyone or any company or organization.