Customer Comments

I am so happy with my new Libaire bag!! It was wonderful to get my holiday present on time. Thank you again for the excellent customer service. I will spread the good word!


I received timely, the Dani Tote #428 in black leather to use as a handbag. I am very pleased! It has all of the qualifications I look for in a handbag. Good quality leather and workmanship, plus... Exterior: Must be a shoulder bag with two handles, outside pockets and magnetic closure. Interior: must have an interior divider zipper compartment, sidewall zipper pocket(s) and many slip pockets to accommodate two cell phones etc. I don't buy a handbag very often because the above list of musts are very difficult to find in most handbags. This is my first Libaire and these "musts" were fulfilled with this bag. It is also made in the USA. Thanks Libaire!


I love my new backpack. The color and style are perfect! Thanks so much! Happy new year.


I received the purse on 18 December, that was fast! Thank you very much, my wife is very happy with the quality and color. Also, thank you for the extra length strap and free shipping - it truly is appreciated. As a side note, the East-West Convertible is the perfect size to hold - and easily retrieve - an I-Phone 6S or 6Plus (the big I-Phone - which is the same size as a standard checkbook); you might want to note this in your catalog.


Love your bag. No designer label mini-back-pack can compare to your product. Please keep making quality items in the USA. I am a loyal fan. Thank you.


I just purchased the cocktail backpack. Love it! Beautiful leather, perfect size!


I received my San Francisco backpack last week. I am in love...... I have looked for months for a backpack that was perfect for me and this is it. I have twin grandchildren and need both hands free when I am with them. However, I can see that I am going to use this every day. It's beautiful leather and it has zipper compartments inside that I wasn't aware of. I was nervous about buying it because I wasn't sure if the opening would be big enough to get in and out of easily. I shouldn't have worried. I saw a woman at church with one of the Libaire backpacks and asked her where she got it. She told me the brand and said she had had it for years. I can see why.


Thank you for such a superior product. Never a zipper pull missing. Never a finding with its metal plating peeling off. Never a rip in the lining, even after years of use. Good looking, versatile, sturdy, generous sized enough to carry a small water bottle, camera or rolled-up shopping tote, and made with care and pride in the USA. Glad I could order yet another Libaire bag.


I just wanted to let you know how much I like my handbag that I purchased from you in August. The quality of workmanship is excellent. I love the style, color and the various compartments inside and out of the bag. I would not hesitate to recommend your handbags to anyone. I did a great deal of internet searching to find a handbag that is made in the USA because I feel strongly about supporting our American workers. I am so pleased that I came across your website.

Thank you again for such a well made handbag!!



My husband discovered Libaire a couple of years ago and gave me my first Contoured Hobo handbag. (Brave man to buy a purse for his very, very picky wife!) I immediately realized he had discovered THE perfect handbag! (I now own two Ė one red and one black.) The leather is beautiful and wears like no other bag I have ever owned (even ones that cost more). I panicked a little when I got some grease on my red bag Ė but no worries! It rubbed right off and the leather still looks pristine. The bag has pockets Ė with and without zippers -- EXACTLY where I need them. The lining is very durable and the light color of the lining makes it easy to find things. With my 2 Libaire bags, I donít feel like I will ever need to buy another purse Ė except maybe the Contoured Hobo in Orange!


I found the bag (#270) highly functional and well-designed. Not only that it looks great, feels awesome to the touch and is so user-friendly. Looking forward to fun-times with the bag and already I have received so many compliments at my University where I work. The range of colors is great to pick from as well! Peter was friendly, kind, quick to respond to emails. The personal touch is something we don't get much of in today's computerized busy world. All in all, very very pleased:-)


The bag itself (#514) is freaking fantastic. I wasn't sure about using a backpack for everyday, but it is sized perfectly, weight is great and my iPad mini fits in it fine too if I want. I love the softer profile. I can see using it even when I have a dress on. I never thought I'd gush about a bag. Super comfortable for me as well, easy on and off. I looked a long time for a backpack that had the access zippers on the back/inside as I'm always a bit uncomfortable on trains or in crowds with my backpack zippers are accessible to anyone around me. Thank you to who ever designed it and to the people who made it. PS. No screaming logos is greatly appreciated. I have a feeling I'll get asked where I got it, which is fine. I'd rather interact with another person than have a name prominently displayed on my bag.


This will be my second bag of this model. The first one lasted around a decade. This is the best travel/city bag ever!


You guys are the best! I look forward to spreading the word. And just so you know, u may not think that what you do is important, but it keeps all of us women organized and happy and gives us something that we depend on day in and day out, with fondness for an American made company producing high quality products in a cheap synthetic world. Now don't u feel like u add value?


I received my new backpack today. It's wonderful! Really perfect. I was somewhat uncertain in ordering online without having the chance to try it on in person. I'm so happy with how it turned out. I know I will really love having this beautiful bag. Thank you!


My bag arrived today, and I absolutely love it. Couldn't be better! Thanks so much for offering such a beautiful, practical product.


I would absolutely love a set of color swatches! I have had my Libare backpack purse for 14 years; it is my go-to purse, it is still gorgeous and extremely functional. I can't wait to buy another one!


I just received my beautiful hand bag, one thing I forgot to say in my previous email is that your handbags and packs are the best out there! I have owned other products of yours and they're the best in craftsmanship, and quality.


Have had several Libaire bags over the years. Beautiful leather, excellent workmanship, and hardware is the real thing. Classic!


Just wanted to tell you that I am so very pleased with my Courier Backpack (#425) in black, that I purchased at my local Nordstrom store about ten years ago. At the time of purchase, I intended to use it just as a backpack for traveling and such, but I have used it as my ONLY purse and backpack for ten years now ! It has traveled around the world with me. I have had more expensive bags over the years (and enjoyed them) but the Libaire backpack is the best one ever. A friend just commented on my bag yesterday and I sent her the link to the website and she has ordered one. Thanks again for a high quality product.


My beautiful Plain Jane bag arrived today. How I wish I would have known about you two years ago, before all those wasted hours looking everywhere trying to find a simple, well-made shoulder bag with the a reasonable shoulder drop. Seems like I've waded through a sea of gaudy, impractical satchels with tiny handles, big logos, and wild colors. I know I will love using this, and the nice little coin purse too. So appreciate being able to request the right strap length. And I really wanted to thank you for the extra care taken in shipping this. I had requested that it be delivered to a different entrance of the house, and your staff not only highlighted those instructions on the UPS label, but wrote it large across the top of the box so it couldn't be missed by the driver. I was concerned about it sitting out on the front stoop, and was relieved to find it right where I'd requested, out of view of the street. Just one more nice touch that has made this purchase a pleasure. Truly, the hardest thing was choosing which style to get! I know I'm going on and on about this, but had just about given up trying to find what I wanted. In so many ways, you are a rare company!
Thanks again!


I love your bags and made in USA is very cool.... Thank you....


Just received my backpack last night (the Flap Backpack, in Red)! I love it! The craftsmanship is outstanding. The leather is beautiful. I am so proud to carry a handbag that is made in America! Thank you! I will order another backpack (in Camel), this Spring. I just have to figure out, which one!



I love my new purse. The quality is terrific and I'm so glad to be carrying something made in America.


I've been meaning to write and let you know that I really love my new camel backpack. It's beautiful!
Thanks for all your prompt communication and excellent customer service!
Best regards,


I have been using this purse 365 days a year for over 6 years and there is till not a stitch out of it! It has been all over the world, I am happy to say, and can hold a book, a water bottle, a camera, a sweater and more--all at once! I love the central divider zip pocket's the perfect purse for me. Glad you still make it!
(#270 High Function Backpack)


My #224 Elegant Satchel arrived today, and it's perfect! This is my second Libaire bag, and I'm thrilled! I already have a great Libaire tote, so it was time for a shoulder bag. I love the two zipper system, and the leather gussets that allow the bag to open wide. The interior pockets are plentiful and sized to accommodate a huge variety of odds and ends. If you want to put something in this bag, there's a pocket that'll accommodate it! The leather and hardware are the usual top notch quality. Thank you for your commitment to creating a quality product and providing fantastic customer service!


So many other people feel the same way as I do about your leather goods. How nice it is in this day and age to come across a good product. Keep up the good work.


Thank you! This is my second bag from you guys, and I look forward to many more.


The box arrived today and I'm delighted! I had tried to keep my expectations reasonable since it's hard to judge quality from online photos, but I must say that both purses surpassed even my highest hopes. The leather is gorgeous and the craftsmanship is impeccable.


I love the SF backpack purse! The one thing that was the most important to me when purchasing the purse: the purse is security proof. I hope you will always have that model in stock. I would like to make it my forever purse. Customer for life.


You make such great bags. I really love them! Thank you so much.


Thank you for making such wonderful bags. I have had these backpacks for over ten years and they are still in great condition. I own designer bags but I always go back to my Libaires. They are the best and the quality is unbeatable.


In this world of goods that seem so disposable and temporary, in an economy that seems driven by getting things cheaply made in other countries it is just so remarkable to have something of such lasting quality...and made right here in the Bay Area! I have three of your of which has been my "constant companion" for TEN years. Thank you so much for a perfect handbag and your dedication to quality.


I am writing to say "thank you" for the fabulous workmanship that was put into my Elena #521 tote! I purchased it a few months ago, and waited to send my review until I'd used it a bit. I couldn't be happier with it! The leather feels amazing- soft, supple, yet incredibly strong, and the construction is beautiful and functional. I was so pleased to find your website! Thank you for such attentive service, attention to detail, and quality.


I recently ordered your leather double backpack purse. I love it! I have bought other brands of backpack purses for the past several years but when a friend showed me her Libaire purse, I knew I had to have one. The leather is beautiful, the workmanship is impressive AND it's made in the USA. Thank you so much for a gorgeous purse.


I got it! It is it! Thanks so very much!


I just received my new bag, and I had to write and say how utterly gorgeous it is. I just love it. This is the first time I've ordered from you, and I am recommending your bags to everyone I know because I couldn't be happier with mine.


I have just picked up my bag and I am absolutely thrilled with it! It is better than I even expected and I was expecting a lot going by the photos. I am ecstatic, it is a magnificent bag and you have made my day.


The purse has arrived on schedule and looks lovely. Many thanks for such prompt service -- and the change pruse will be very useful. I enjoyed our conversation. You make a good product.


I received the bag yesterday as promised, and it is beautiful. I am very, very pleased. I love everything about it: the size, the colors, the quality, the amazing craftsmanship, all the pockets... It is a high quality, stylish and very functional work of art! Thank you for providing such good products to the public at such reasonable prices. This is the best style/quality handbag I've seen in years. I plan to tell everyone I know about your wonderful business!!


My handbag arrived early this week (one day earlier than predicted!) and Iím using it now. I love the color, the soft leather, and though itís a bigger handbag than Iíve used in the past, its soft shape folds into itself and fits me well. Itís so well-crafted (that wonderful thick strap and hefty hardware).
Iím telling my friends and will spread the word about Libaire!
I look forward to placing my next order.

Best wishes,


I purchased my first Libaire purse may many years ago. I loved it so much that 6 (yes 6) of my friends bought the same purse. Thank you again for such wonderful customer service and high quality American made products!


I want everyone to know how great your product have excellent customer service, which is extremely important to me.


I have had one of these backpacks for 14 years and have used it day in and day out. I think it is time for a new one! I appreciate that it is made in the USA. 14 years ago, I was concerned that $110 was too expensive.....I had never spent that much money for a handbag and obviously remember the price well. I certainly got my money's worth and then some! Thank you for such a quality product!


I am SO happy to have found you on the web....and to have been able to duplicate the best bag I have ever owned.....that was still in great shape, but a tad shabby after 10 years of hard use.....
Vive Libaire!
Thank you!


I've had my original Libaire Courier bag for over 10 years and have never found another bag so comfortable, good-looking and functional all in one. That's why I had to have two more.


This will be the seventh Libaire bag I've ordered. Excellent quality, great color selection, and it's made here in the USA.


It seems silly to be so thrilled with a purse, but that I am. I have looked at may websites for the perfect one......until I found yours. It is the most versatile backpack type purse I have seen. Easy access, nice compartments inside and the hidden one in the back, as well as lovely soft leather and lightweight to boot. I have already told at least 4 friends who shop on the internet so hopefully they will find something for them and tell others how pleased they are.


Thank you again for providing such great customer service! The bag is perfect and I will certainly recommend and keep your company in mind for future purchases.


Your bags are the greatest - especially nice that they are made in the good old USA.


Thank you for your prompt service. I can now see why Libaire customers come back for more...beautiful bags!


Stay on course, Libaire, quality domestic goods are truly appreciated.


I own a Libaire it so much...but it's time for a new one!


I just received my beautiful shopper tote this afternoon! Thank you for a wonderful ordering experience from beginning to end! It's perfect, and as always, you exceed my expectations,,,,


I would be delighted to be quoted because you offer products that far exceed expectations, not often found these days. You'll be happy to know that the tote is well-traveled (Paris, Tokyo, London, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Mexico City, Frankfurt, Berlin, Amsterdam, Geneva, New York, Miami, LA, New Orleans, Vienna, Brussels, Hamburg, to name a few!).

Mary Jo

Thanks for adding to your styles and keep up the good work! While I admit to "cheating" on Libaire in the last year with some of those "other" designer bags...Libaire continues to bring me back because of the workmanship, quality and usability of yoru bags. Those "other" bags may be pretty but they are not practical by any means. Yours are pretty and practical. I'll continue to spread the word!


Still have about 5 of your bags and do love and use them all. Thanks so much for your very well constructed and hardy leather bags. With respect for your craftpersonship,


Thanks for responding so quickly! Your bags are the best I've ever seen -- I've found nothing else as nice. Thanks for still being there!


I received my Black High Function Backpack today as expected....I am whole again! Thank you so much for making a great product that is the most useful tool a woman could possibly ask for!


I'm also glad you are continuing to make items in the US, instead of China. That is important to me.


Thank you for making such a welll constructed bag.


FYI this is my third backpack from your company. I just love them and would never purchase another brand.


Thanks so much for the great service.


I read the comments link after I placed the order -- I agree with everything everyone else says -- especially the fact that I don't use ANY OTHER purse other than one of yours. My shoulders thank you, too!


Thank you for shipping the Ashley handbag so quickly and providing the tracking number. The handbag is beautiful and I'm pleased with the plum color. The lining and interior design were very pleasant surprises - gorgeous! Your bags last a lifetime, but I'll be back for another someday.


The design and workmanship of your products is superb - thanks for offering such a practical day-in, day-out luxury that is beautiful, affordable, functional and thrives in real world conditions with minimal care.


By the way, I love the Chelsea #500...beautiful bag with great style and class. I get regular compliments on it and had almost given up on finding a nice backpack that could double as an everyday purse until I stumbled across your company on the internet.


I love your products. I have three that have been well loved. They are fabulous and I cannot wait for my new one. I will not have any other purses.


I'm happy to see that some things are still made in the USA. Thank you for keeping your company here and I wish your company prosperity and happiness always!


I'm glad I found your website! You make a wonderful product!


Absolutely love your purses. Bought at least 6 purses for me and relatives.


I received my San Francisco Backpack last week, and I love it! The leather is gorgeous, and it is so beautifully made. I'm sure it will be every bit as durable as the Courier backpack it replaces, which I've carried for years!


Purchased my first bag about 7 years ago.....Please don't ever discontinue the line - they are worth every penny!


I have one of your purses and I love it. Wish I had discovered you sooner.


I bought one of your leather looks great after two years of 2 kids, 1 dog, 2 cats and a lot of running here and there.


I already have one Libaire bag that I still get loads of compliments on even though it's about 3 years old.


Your backpack purses are the best designed of any I have seen, including those higher priced. Your website will be the top of my Christmas list for my husband, who hates to shop, but appreciates quality. Thanks again for doing such an incredible job.


This is my fourth Libaire bag! I love your stuff!


Thank you for your prompt attention and your willingness to accommodate my needs. Your service is exceptional!


I have one of your backpacks and I LOVE it!


A girl has to have some vices, and your bags are one of mine! :)


I bought a bag of yours and I like it!


Rather than a complaint, I want to send a compliment. I received my new Libaire "Shopper Tote" as a Christmas gift from my husband who is usually hesitant to purchase any clothing or accessory item for me. The bag is stylish, and functional, and I love it! And when I discovered that it was made in the USA, I was doubly pleased. I always make an extra effort to buy products made in the USA, and to recommend them to my friends and colleagues. I was unfamiliar with your brand, but after exploring your web site have given my husband carte blanche for future purchases.


I want to let you know that I got my new backpack just in time for my birthday. It's a gift from my husband that I picked out myself. I love the quality of the leather, hardware, and especially the designs of the handbags your company makes. This is the third backpack I've bought from you.


I love your bags. I don't want to buy anything else.


My backpack arrived today, and it is just perfect! While my four-year-old flap backpack is still in fine condition, this new one meets my needs even more. The pockets on both sides are fabulous - one for cell phone, one for sunglasses. I am thrilled!


Sure you can quote me...I mean what I say! I was just telling someone at work this week about your purses and the signature zipper pulls. I have several of your purses and there is not one that I am not completely happy with.


Just want to tell you how much I love my large Libaire backpack. A friend of mine has had two of them and recommended that I get one also. Now, I want to buy one for my sister on the East coast.


I have owned one of your backpacks for the last four years. I will never buy another kind of purse. If this one ever wears out (which I doubt) I will only purchase a duplicate. It is the best and most functional purse I have ever owned!


I just wanted to let you know that I just purchased my second Libaire bag today. I love your products.



Your bags are wonderful! I have a black backpack... despite daily use it looks like new and I still enjoy using it.


First, I want to thank you for making the absolute best bags I've ever owned. My Libaire bags are beautiful to look at, wonderful to touch and so durable. I'm one of your biggest fans.


I have been a faithful Libaire backpack and fanny pack user for the last 15 years. I haven't been able to find any other bag that compares... thanks for making a great product.


Years ago I purchased one of your sling bags. At the time, I was a bit distressed over how much it cost but it has turned out to be the best money I have ever spent on a purse. I'm still using it!