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Made in USA. Making leather bags for you - It's what we do every day.

July 20 2016 Update

Most items are sold out. Please email or phone for advice as to what is available. Some bags may be priced at discount. You will have to inquire to find out, as the website does not list availability, and does not list any discount info.

Time to say goodbye...........

We are leaving the leather bag business.

After 40 + years, it is time for new adventures. Yes, some things will go on sale. Some things won't. In both cases, there is limited availability. By late June, we will stop making bags. There will be some bags in inventory, but, not a lot. If you think you might like a new bag, now is the time to order.

Our commitment to quality remains the same:

Quality leather, Quality design, Quality workmanship, Quality customers.

We will miss you!

Order and shipping status

Since announcing our closing, we have been deluged with orders. Which, of course, we like a lot. But, there is approximately a 4 week backlog. That is, a bag ordered today might take up to 4 weeks to make and ship.

Free shipping is new!

Our standard shipping, that is, ground shipping via UPS or USPS, is free. To all 50 states. See our shipping guide for details.

This is where we make our leather bags - every leather backpack, leather handbag, leather tote and leather accessory is made right here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In a world seemingly dedicated to the three pillars of modern commerce: How many, How fast, How cheap, we offer the healthy and old fashioned two pillars of commerce: Quality of Product, Quality of Service. We like our products, and we like you.

We use our own bags, our friends and neighbors use our bags, and most importantly, our customers - you - use our bags. We put in the pockets, styling, materials, and common sense that makes a Libaire bag a pleasure to use every day.

We make your bag right here in our workshop. We take the time and care to do the job right, for you and for every Libaire customer. We learn from our 30 plus years of working directly with our materials and listening directly to our customers.

Our leather: Luxurious yet sturdy leather from only the very top European tanneries.
Our hardware: Solid Brass hardware. Solid brass is durable, classically beautiful, and wears for years.
Nylon lining: Coated nylon, to be exact. Doesn't unravel or tear.
Our straps: we put a double layer of reinforcing in every strap and handle.
No stretch, no tear, no break. Nice.

Leather Backpacks, Leather Handbags, Leather Accessories.

We invite you to reconnect with our American Heritage - Made in USA from Libaire.
Gift with Purchase! A matching coin pouch is included with most bags in our store. Details...